Raceme Group, Ltd (RGL) is a certified small, women-owned, and minority-owned business (SWaM) headquartered out of Stanley, Virginia. Formed in 2004

Raceme Group, Ltd.
Raceme Group, Ltd.
Raceme Group, Ltd.


Key Benefits


Online database archiving for enterprise applications
With annual data growth of up to 125 percent, and inactive data reaching 80 percent, application data has become a significant IT cost center. This trend shows no signs of slowing. As application data grows out of control, the cost of IT infrastructure soars, while application performance slows to a crawl.

The conventional response has been to repeatedly increase server and storage capacity and constant tuning. But this approach is only a temporary fix and only defers what's really needed: a permanent solution that addresses the root cause - unmanaged data growth. HP StorageWorks Reference Information Manager (RIM) for Databases Relocator offers you that solution.

Database subsetting for infrastructure cost containment
Application deployments, customizations, upgrades and enhancements all require copies of your production database for testing, development, quality testing, staging and training.

When you create multiple copies of your entire production database, the toll on your IT infrastructure and time-to-delivery can be significant. Yet application managers need true relational data to effectively develop and test the new functionality required to meet new business challenges.

HP StorageWorks Reference Information Manager (RIM) for Databases Subcopy helps you solve this challenge by using only subset data for application development and testing to minimize the load on testing and staging servers. With more manageable databases, you can complete more projects and deliver a faster return on critical business initiatives.

Ongoing data growth analysis and policy management
With annual data growth of up to 125 percent, and inactive data reaching 80 percent, most organizations today lack the ability to accurately track and analyze data growth. The result: poor application performance, high storage costs and increasing regulatory compliance issues to meet data retention requirements. The solution to these challenges: HP StorageWorks Reference Information Manager (RIM) for Databases Analyzer.

Database archiving for long-term data retention, governance and regulatory compliance
Applications are temporary. Data is permanent. This fact of life has huge bottom-line consequences for your enterprise. Regulatory compliance requires you to retain transactional data for up to thirty years or more.

Until now, retiring legacy applications has meant maintaining millions of records on expensive production servers or difficult-to-access offline archives. As a result, any IT departments actually forestall legacy application retirement and continue to maintain multiple copies of transactional data in the production environment long after active usage.

Today, more than 10,000 federal and state regulations mandate how companies must protect, store and access current and historical transaction records. To comply with regulations like FASB, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, companies must actively manage application data as never before

HP StorageWorks Reference Information Manager (RIM) for Databases Encapsulated Archive helps solve this challenge by addressing the final stage of the information lifecycle. ftp://ftps26.brinkster.com With RIM for Databases Encapsulated Archive you can efficiently address corporate governance issues, as mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements forces you to re-evaluate your data retention policies

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