Raceme Group, Ltd (RGL) is a certified small, women-owned, and minority-owned business (SWaM) headquartered out of Stanley, Virginia. Formed in 2004

Raceme Group, Ltd.
Raceme Group, Ltd.
Raceme Group, Ltd.

IT Services

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IT Services (SIN 132-51)

Raceme offers a full suite of IT and systems integration services to address the challenges and needs of Federal managers. We have developed our services to address specific IT service requirements within a broader systems integration framework. Our integration framework provides the strategies and solutions for integrated business processes, shared data and effective information systems. Our service areas reflect a combination of our functional expertise in organizational and business management and our leading-edge technical expertise in every phase of the information technology lifecycle to provide our clients with the IT solutions they need to run their businesses and make the most of their dollars.

IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
Our proven implementation approach is supported by tools and techniques that can be applied to a range of system implementation scenarios, from custom developed software to COTS and GOTS. Specific examples of these services include:

IT Systems Analysis Services
Raceme focuses on understanding the organization s current capabilities, requirements, and future goals, then applies the appropriate technologies and methodologies to design the optimal systems solution. Examples of our specific services include the following:

Automated Information Systems Design and Integration
Raceme s services provide for analysis and planning, customization of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, and training and implementation support for both turn key implementations and system enhancements. We frequently work with Government personnel in teams to ensure successful solution implementation and knowledge-transfer throughout development and operations phases. Examples of our specific services includes:

Programming Services
Raceme provides a wide variety of services to assist organizations in all aspects of software development from rapid prototyping, to the development of customized applications, to supporting application migration from legacy to open platforms. In support of our software development efforts, Raceme employs an extensive set of software development tools, standards, and methodologies.

IT Backup and Security Services
Raceme recognizes importance of Business Continuity due to increase threat of Terrorism, Natural disasters and other factors. Business Continuity is very important for normal functioning of Federal Government and Business. Examples of our specific services that support IT Backup and Security Services include the following:

IT Data Conversion Services
Raceme recognizes data and data management as a cornerstone of the enterprise IT suite. The capability to support the enterprise rests on the use and accessibility of data and data management techniques. Examples of our specific services that support data and data management include the following:

IT Network Management Services
Raceme approaches distributed network computing solutions from a business process perspective, offering solutions and providing judgments based on our knowledge of both commercial and Government systems development and operation. Examples of our specific services include the following:

Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Raceme provides a wide range of services designed to help Government managers identify alternative solutions, determine resource requirements, select the appropriate strategy, and communicate the course of action to all stakeholders and participants. Examples of our specific services include the following:

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